Hi! I'm Britta. I grew up in Los Angeles, lived in (and near) Isla Vista for six years, then San Francisco for seven years, and now Oakland. I also edit Wikipedia.

I established the Isla Vista LocalWiki.

Some San Francisco articles that I've written: 717 Market Street, Old Mission Police Station, 25th Street Telco BuildingThe Lexington Club, Phone BoothEnglander HouseBryant Street MUNI buildingVarsity Sweet Shop99 S Van Ness Ave, 1028 Market Street. I organized a couple of SF LocalWiki editing meetups (August 2014, October 2014) and wrote a blog post about another.

In June 2015 I gave a talk at Open Source Bridge about why editing LocalWiki is fun, and how to establish or invigorate one for your own region.


Wow, I love 717 Market Street!! --philip

Thanks for your edits! Also, I saw that you're planning to come to the upcoming editathon. Looking forward to meeting you :) - Marina